Name: Tess
  Date of birth: 15-02-2002
  Color: black & white, rough coated
  Hip score: HD A (HD unaffected)
  Eye exam : Free of all hereditary eye-diseases
  Trial level: Open class
  Pedigree: NHSB G-1-2405710
  Pedigree details: click here

Tess is a daughter of my old Sion and a brown-coated bitch called Choco Pam (Irish bred). She is a bitch with incredible stamina and work ethic. Tess lives in the South of the Netherlands where her daily work consists of herding a flock of 600 sheep in a National Reserve. She is used for work on big terrains where she will easily do a 750 yard outrun. She is an incredibly strong bitch, both in handling and on her sheep.


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