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  Name: Sion
  Date of birth : 26-3-1995
  Color: Black & White
  Hipscore: HD B1 /very good/ Norberg-value: 32
  Eye examination : Free of all hereditary eye-diseases
  Trial Level: Open class / International
  Functional exterior: Very good

Pedigree (click here):

ISDS 219371
NHSB G-0-2075757

I bought Sion from John Lightfoot in North-Wales when he was only 8 months old.
Sion is a hard, strong and stylish worker on sheep. I really believe there is no sheep that will have him. He will move any sheep. Sion has been my loyal companion for years at archeological themeparc Archeon. Even now, when his old bones desert him every now and then he remains as energetic as ever.

Sion has gained some great results the last few years. He has won many trials in novice and Open Trials.
His highlight was winning the Dutch National Open Class 2000 (practical course). In 2004 he came in 4th in the final of the Dutch National Open Class in Heeze. In 2005 he came in 2nd at the Dutch National Open Class (practical course), closely behind the Dutch Champion nearly beating him with only 1 point less on his OLF. We won the Open Trial in Ben Ahin, Belgium June 2005 leaving a huge gap of 43 point difference with the runner-up over 2 runs. Sion was my reserve dog at the World Trial in Tullamore, Ireland in 2005. Sion came in 3rd in the Dutch National Open class in 2005.
Sion won the 1st Drenth Open Championships in 2005 and won the Wamel Trial 2005 in both the qualifier and the dubbel gather final. This has been Sion's last trial before his retirement. I have decided to retire from trials because of his old age. He now enjoys roaming around the farm and chasing the birds at the airport.

Sion has been our stud dog for many years. Many of his offspring inherit his strong mindset and his unbreakable physique. His energy and enthousiasm, but at the same time strong character that his pups inherit are a nice challenge for the advanced dogtrainer, because anyone who persists will receive the most loyal, most powerful and energetic trial and work dog one can only wish for.

Old Sion was honoured in the Dutch encyclopedic work of Dutch top trial dogs "Oog voor Passie - Border Collies in de Lage Landen", written bij Henk Verhoeven:

" Sion is one of Ron Snoeck's trial winners. Sion is a diligant worker, that will always remain loyal to his owner. Many times a day, days and weeks on end he works at the Archeon. He never loses his enthousiasm. Of all dogs Sion is a dog with power. No sheep is too strong or bearish for him. He will move anything."

Our old sweet Sion followed Jill over the rainbow bridge and died on June 22, 2009.

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