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  Name: Kelpie
  Date of birth: 20-06-1995
  Color: Black & white
  Hipscore: na
  Eye examination : na
  Level: Open class
  Pedigree: ISDS
St. Hubertus

Kelpie is my first Border Collie. I named her Kelpie because I used to own a working Kelpie as a young boy living in Australia. She is really unique, a fantastic clowning character with an amazing understanding of human verbal and non-verbal language! The Celtic translation of 'Kelpie' is 'water-spirit', which doesn't really apply to her even though she used to be with me on my boat 24 hours a day when I still worked as a captain of a tow-boat. She will sink!
Kelpie and I have won several trials in novice and open class. Her highlight was winning the Dutch National novice class 2002 in Alphen aan de Rijn.
Even though she is the one I learnt to work sheep with, she is still my best every day work and sheep demonstration dog. She used to be great at sheep markets crawling underneath sheep snapping her teeth like a crocodile without ever hurting the sheep in the pen. Even at her old age she still enjoys the work very much. A lot of young dogs and pups have made their first moves on sheep under the expert guidance of Kelpie.

Kelpie used to work at the archeological theme parc Archeon as a medieval sheep dog demonstrating the Border Collie's amazing ability on sheep.

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