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  Name: Jill
  Date of birth : 6-2-1994
  Color: Black and tan
  Hipscore: na
  Eye examination : CEA/PRA unaffected
  Level: Open class / International
  Pedigree: ISDS 212520

I bought Jill in 2000 from Glyn Howell in South-Wales. Jill was bred by Merion Jones and she is a daughter of Glyn Howell's Jock 158606, 3th at the International of 1995 at the age of 12. She is also a grand daughter of Bobby Dalziel's Dryden Joe 104626.

Jill has done thousands of sheep dog demonstrations along with Sion, Kelpie and Bill. Jill must be one of the best dogs I have ever owned. She is a natural on sheep and adjusts automatically to the pace of sheep, which in my opinion is very rare.

One of her highlights was qualifying for the semi finals of the World Trials in Bala, North-Wales in 2002. We missed out on the finals on just one or two points. We became Dutch National Champion in 2003 on the practical course and we brought home prices in Open trials on a regular basis.

Along with Bill she qualified for the Dutch Team in 2003 and competed in the Continental Champships in Diest, Belgium. Her last trial was the World Trial in Tullamore, Ireland in 2005. She was then 11,5 years old and just like her father proved to everyone what an incredibly strong dog she is. Jill has never been stiff or cripple one day of her life, but she has now finally retired from sheep work and trials.

Quote from the Dutch sheep dog book "oog voor passie- Border Collies in de lage landen", written by Henk Verhoeven:

"She (read: Jill) is one of the best Border Collie bitches working in the Netherlands and Belgium."

After a long and healthy life Jill peacefully died on 29 december 2008.

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