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  Name: Fly
  Date of birth : 26-12-2003
  Color: black and tan
  Hipscore: na
  Eye examination : na
  Level: nursery/novice class
  Pedigree: ISDS 273681
    NHSB G-0-2658937


Fly is one of our own-bred dogs. She is a daughter of our Lass and Serge van der Zweep's succesful Roy 232153 .
Fly is a sensitive but at the same time powerful bitch, physically as well as mentally. She inherited these qualities from both parents. Even though she was still young when we discovered her talents, it wasn't until she was 1,5 years old before she became trainable. She is a tough cookie to train, as she can be very stubborn at times.

Fly is gifted with wide flanks and just enough eye to be able to fine-tune her moves. However, being young she still has to learn to calm down and settle when sheep don't act as she expects them to.
She's a superb outrunner, just like her parents! She really doesn't mind the extra mileage in a nursery trial on a big field. I don't think distance will ever be an issue for her. Considering her incredible stamina she would make a tremendous hill dog. She's a fearless dog when it comes to sheep, she ran in a Australian yard utility course originally designed for Working Kelpies and was the only dog in nursery class to really back sheep!

Overall a great all-round dog!

Fly has followed in Bill's footsteps and is now working on a 600 sheep flock at the 'Brunsummerheide' in the south of the Netherlands to complete her training.

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