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  Name: Crystal
  Date of birth: 18-03-2000
  Color: Black and tan
  Hip score: HD A, Norberg-value: 36
  Eye exam : Permanently clear of hereditary eye diseases
  Trial level: Open class
  Pedigree (click here): ISDS 249358
    NHSB G-0-2668307

Crystal is very well-bred and amazing bitch on sheep, very well mannered on any kind of sheep and she has the ability to adjust to sheep naturally as to not disturb them. She has never lost her head while working. She will never leave a sheep, even if it means she has to keep it company for hours on end. Although not trained as a cattledog she is very keen on cattle. She's a real top class bitch!
Crystal is a bitch from great lineage. Her father is Stuard Davidson's legendary Whiterose Kep 228380, Scottish National Winnaar 1999 and a participant in the Supreme final of the Internationals on numerous occasions. Her mother Maid, although from very good bloodlines, was not ISDS certified but was Registered on Merit.
Influential dogs on mother's side are J.P. MacKenzie's Don 122367 and Thimothy Flood's Pip 124578. Crystal's dam, Pat McGettigan's Maid has proven herself to be an exceptionally good breeding bitch.

Crystal is the mother of our Glenn, Kate and Tom.

Since spring 2007 Crystal works on a 500 sheep flock on the 'Brunsummerheide' in Zuid-Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands.

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