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  Name: Bill
  Date of birth : 17-04-1997
  Color: Black/White
  Hipscore: HD B1 Norberg-value: 40 (unaffected)

Permanently clear of hereditary eye disease

  Functional exterior: Very good
  Trial level : Open class/international
  Pedigree (click here): ISDS 231930
NHSB G-0-2325221

Bill is a very stylish and sensitive worker. He has a very open and friendly character. He is an extremely useful work dog and has demonstrated his shepherding abilities for the general audience in archeological themepark Archeon for several years. His fine-tuned and calm way of working was very helpful during the foot-and-mouth crisis, when he stole the hearts of many visitors when instead of sheep he directed a flock of goose through the park. During our glory days Bill and I participated in the Continental Championships in Diest, Belgium in 2003.

Bill's offspring are very likely to inherit his will-to-please, which makes them fairly easy to train. They also tend to develop the same natural working style as their father. One of his descendants, Glenn lives and works with us.

Bill unfortunately died on 3 March 2011.


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